Name   姓名Stephen Siu    蕭浩章

Age   年齡21

Height   身高181 cm

Horoscope   星座Virgo   處女座

Place of Birth   出生地點Hong Kong    香港

Language   語言English 英文 、Cantonese 廣東話、 Mandarin 普通話

School   學校SFU (4th Year in September)

Major    主修Health Science   健康科學

Hobbies   興趣Swimming 游泳、 Singing 唱歌、Playing Badminton 打羽毛球

Special Talent   特別才能Playing Piano   彈鋼琴

Favorite Country/City   喜愛國家/城市Vancouver   溫哥華

Favorite Music   喜愛音樂Japanese Music   日本音樂

Favorite Artists   喜愛藝人Andy Williams, Jacky Cheung 張學友

Favorite Idol Drama   喜愛偶像劇Breaking Bad

Favorite Movie   喜愛電影Zodiac, Her, Se7en

Favorite Color    喜愛顏色Red   紅

Favorite Animals   喜愛動物Lion 獅子、 Koala Bear 樹熊

Least Favorite Animals   討厭動物Mosquito   蚊子

Favorite Food   喜愛食物Mango   芒果

Least Favorite Food   討厭食物Asparagus   露筍

Most Memorable Moment   最難忘經歷Being a volunteer and homestay in Hong Kong

Most Embarrassing Moment   最尷尬事情Singing in a competition   參加唱歌比賽

Most Admired Person   最敬仰人物My Father, he is dauntless and endures hardships

Best Attributes of my body   最滿意身體部位Tan skin   古銅色的肌膚

Definition of Sunshine Nation   對 Sunshine Nation 的定義Full of energy, excited about life    有活力,積極人生

Goals/Dreams in Life    志願/夢想Teach, motivate and influence other people’s life    能啟發和推動其他人

If you were asked to imitate a person, who would that be?
Kelsey Grammer

Last fashion purchase   最新購買的衣服或飾物? Shirt   恤衫

When asked about your fashion style, the first 5 words/terms that come to your mind are
Comfortable, Stylish, Easy, Relaxing, Bright