Name   姓名Stephen Siu    蕭浩章

Age   年齡21

Horoscope   星座Virgo   處女座

Language   語言English 英文 、Cantonese 廣東話、 Mandarin 普通話

Hobbies   興趣Swimming 游泳、 Singing 唱歌、Playing Badminton 打羽毛球

Special Talent   特別才能Playing Piano   彈鋼琴

Favorite Country/City   喜愛國家/城市Vancouver   溫哥華

Favorite Music   喜愛音樂Japanese Music   日本音樂

Favorite Artists   喜愛藝人Andy Williams, Jacky Cheung 張學友

Favorite Idol Drama   喜愛偶像劇Breaking Bad

Favorite Movie   喜愛電影Zodiac, Her, Se7en

Favorite Color    喜愛顏色Red   紅

Favorite Animals   喜愛動物Lion 獅子、 Koala Bear 樹熊

Least Favorite Animals   討厭動物Mosquito   蚊子

Favorite Food   喜愛食物Mango   芒果

Least Favorite Food   討厭食物Asparagus   露筍

Most Memorable Moment   最難忘經歷Being a volunteer and homestay in Hong Kong

Most Embarrassing Moment   最尷尬事情Singing in a competition   參加唱歌比賽

Most Admired Person   最敬仰人物My Father, he is dauntless and endures hardships

Best Attributes of my body   最滿意身體部位Tan skin   古銅色的肌膚

Definition of Sunshine Nation   對 Sunshine Nation 的定義Full of energy, excited about life    有活力,積極人生

Goals/Dreams in Life    志願/夢想Teach, motivate and influence other people’s life    能啟發和推動其他人

If you were asked to imitate a person, who would that be?
Kelsey Grammer

Last fashion purchase   最新購買的衣服或飾物? Shirt   恤衫

When asked about your fashion style, the first 5 words/terms that come to your mind are
Comfortable, Stylish, Easy, Relaxing, Bright