Name   姓名Venessa Li    李云珊

Age   年齡17

Horoscope   星座Taurus    金牛座

Language   語言English 英文、 Mandarin 普通話、 French 法文

Hobbies   興趣Playing Cello 大提琴、 Piano 鋼琴、 Minority Dance 少數民俗舞、 Yoga 瑜伽、 Snowboarding 滑雪板

Special Talent   特別才能Playing Cello 大提琴、 Minority Dance 少數民俗舞

Favorite Country/City   喜愛國家/城市Beijing 北京、 Los Angeles 洛杉磯、 New York 紐約、 Italy 意大利

Favorite Music   喜愛音樂Bach (Classical Music) 古典音樂、Rap 饒舌

Favorite Artists   喜愛藝人Lana Del Rey

Favorite Idol Drama   喜愛偶像劇Pretty Little Liars

Favorite Movie   喜愛電影Shrek, Hachi, Little Princess, Schindler’s Lists

Favorite Color    喜愛顏色Pink 粉紅、Royal Blue 寶藍、Navy Blue 海軍藍

Favorite Animals   喜愛動物Panda 熊貓、 Dogs 狗

Least Favorite Animals   討厭動物Spiders   蜘蛛

Favorite Food   喜愛食物Sushi 壽司、Gelato 意大利雪糕、 Italian cuisine 意大利菜

Least Favorite Food   討厭食物Peas    青豆

Most Memorable Moment   最難忘經歷Volunteer teaching in a school in Shanxi Province

Most Embarrassing Moment   最尷尬事情Leaving cell phone in fridge for a couple of hours   遺留手機於冰箱內

Most Admired Person   最敬仰人物Chiara Ferragni, a multi-talented fashion traveler, blogger and designer

Best Attributes of my body   最滿意身體部位Smile, it is a very contagious attribute and brings the best in me

Definition of Sunshine Nation   對 Sunshine Nation 的定義To spread my happiness and warmth to the rest of the society

Goals/Dreams in Life    志願/夢想Adopt shelter dogs and give them a home

If you were asked to imitate a person, who would that be?
The Blair Waldorf character from Gossip Girl

Last fashion purchase   最新購買的衣服或飾物? Baseball Jacket   棒球外套

When asked about your fashion style, the first 5 words/terms that come to your mind are
Semi-formal, American Casual, Classy, Understated, Bold Colors